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Oriental Antiques 1
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Miscellaneous Items
Tribal Artefacts
Decorative Items
ORIENTAL ANTIQUE SECTION including items from China, Japan, Tibet, and the Middle East. Jade, Ceramic Ornaments & Dishes, Snuff Bottles, Brush Pots.
Items marked *** indicate new stock.

Oriental  Antiques 1. pilgrims flask

Compton Pilgrims Flask

Compton ceramic Pilgrims Bottle used for collecting oil or water whilst visiting a pilgrimage site. This example is a turquoise, circular one, well worn. On one side is the Compton stamp(click on image for detail) and on the reverse are etched the words 'Pilgrims Bottle'. Height 4ins. Ref.A591

Oriental  Antiques 1. canton orange plate

Canton Famille Rose-Plate

Nice example of a Cantonese Famille-Rose plate(click on image for detail). Good condition, with no chips or cracks. 7ins diameter. Chinese. Ref. A503

Oriental  Antiques 1. polychrome tall vase

Chinese Polychrome Vase

Lovely Chinese vase depicting a typical Chinese scene of three figures talking under a prunus tree in a garden. Fine detail and lovely colours of pink, blue and green and yellow on a white background. These colours make up the pattern around the neck of the vase. There is also a poem around the side(click on image for detail). There is a clear character mark on the base in red. Excellent condition. Height 10ins. Ref. A393

Oriental  Antiques 1. canton pink plate

Canton Famille-Rose Plate

Fine example of a Cantonese Famille-Rose plate(click on image for detail). Good condition with no chips or cracks. 7in diameter. Chinese. Ref. A504

Oriental  Antiques 1. jap bronze vase

Japanese Bronze Vase

Fine Japanese Bronze vase with delicate design painted in gold of two ducks or geese on the water(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Height 5ins. Ref.A260

Oriental  Antiques 1. jap specimen vase

Japanese Spill Vase

Attractive Japanese spill vase in iron red and gold. Pretty floral design. 3 character marks on base(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Height 7ins. Ref.A252

Oriental  Antiques 1. blue cloisonne vase

Blue Cloisonne Vase

Attractive cloisonné vase with a floral design of dark blue with patches of red on a pale blue background. The base is plain blue (click on image for detail). Excellent condition, no damage. Height 5ins. Ref. A659

Oriental  Antiques 1. jap orange pot side

Japanese Ceramic Bowl & Cover

An attractive round bowl and cover decorated in rich colours. Predominately gold and red with a country scene with seated figures(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Overall height 4ins width 6ins approx. Japanese. Ref. A404

Oriental  Antiques 1. jade washer1

Small Jade Brush Washer

Lovely small circular brush washer with detailed carving of foliage and a dragonfly(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. 1in deep and diameter 2,5ins. Chinese. Ref. A663

Oriental  Antiques 1. brass lantern

Brass Candle Holder

Middle Eastern curio. Brass cylindrical candle holder with shapes including stars and camels. The top comes off to put a candle inside. (click on image for detail) . Looks very attractive when lit. The piece stands on three feet. Overall length 8.5ins.

Oriental  Antiques 1. bird trinket box

Metal Trinket Box

Middle Eastern circular metal trinket box. Lots of detail on the panels and topped with a peacock on the lid. The piece has a hinged catch and the inside is lined with dark blue velvet. Overall height 3.5 ins. Diameter 3ins. Ref. A386

Oriental  Antiques 1. brown man

Early Chinese Tomb Figure

Early Chinese tomb figure, possibly Tang Dynasty, of an attendant dressed in a glazed brown robe belted at the waist with a tall hat(click on image for detail). He has a bird perched on his hand. The piece has repair to it's ankles. Height 12.5". Ref.A66

Oriental  Antiques 1. snake man front

Gilt Bronze Buddha

Nagas are serpent-like creatures in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. They are depicted as human above the waist and a snake below. This example shows snake coils around the base and up behind him and becomes many heads(click on image for detail) 5.5" high. 19th century. Ref.A178

Oriental  Antiques 1. pink parasol

Japanese Pink Silk Parasol

Delightful authentic Japanese parasol. The cover is made with pink silk and wooden struts painted black. The cover is decorated with embroidered silk thread white and pink flowers. The handle is white metal and has an plain cartouche. The handle has an intricate design of birds and flowers amongst branches(click on image for detail). Further images available on request. Very good condition. 34ins long. Ref. A319

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