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Oriental Antiques 2 22nd September 2021
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ORIENTAL ANTIQUES SECTION including brush pots, cloisonne, seals, b/w ceramics, snuff bottles.
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Oriental Antiques 2. lge buddha

Bronze and Gilt Buddha

Lovely large Buddha, bronze with a gold coloured torso and arm. He sits crossed-legged on a lotus flower holding a flower in his left hand. The attention to detail is excellent, his back in particular(click on image for detail). It has a hollow base. Excellent condition. Height 8ins. Widest part 5.5ins, Ref.A748

Oriental Antiques 2. blue snuff 2arms 2

Blue Stone Snuff Bottle

Old snuff bottle with floral design on both sides. The cream coloured top has a spoon attached to a piece of cork(click on image for detail). Good condition, no chips or cracks. 2.5" high. Ref. A322

Oriental Antiques 2. lgeinsidepaintsnuff

Chinese Glass Inside Painted Snuff Bottle

Inside-painted bottle with typical Chinese country scene with a house beside a river amongst the trees. There are figures on the bridge and working outside the building. Fine colours and detail. A clear signature can be seen on the top near the brown stopper(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Height 4ins.Circumference 8ins. Ref.A277

Oriental Antiques 2. small cinnebar snuff

Cinnabar Snuff Bottle

Delightful small cinnabar snuff bottle with a clear, detailed design. There are two male figures on a bridge on one side and two more under a prunus tree on the other. Spoon attached. There is a clear character mark on the base(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. height 2.5ins. Ref. A664

Oriental Antiques 2. scroll weight full

Hardstone Scroll Weight

Hardstone scroll weight with a mottled effect. Carved decoration on top is of two dragons meeting head to head. (click on image for detail) Excellent condition. 6 x1 x1ins. Ref.A751

Oriental Antiques 2. li tak pac

Chinese Figure

Interesting piece. On the base of this ornament are hand written descriptions(click on image for detail).'POET & GOOD DRINKER, LI TAC PAK from SAK WAN, KUANGTUNG' and also 'from MR FU AUACHEN, MACAU' Maybe he is a famous poet but I am unable to find any information. Excellent condition. Length 10ins. height 4.5ins. Ref.A262

Oriental Antiques 2. cinnebar snuff

Chinese Cinnabar Snuff Bottle

Bright red cinnabar bottle with a detailed design of a typical Chinese scene. Spoon attached (click on image for detail) Excellent condition. Height 3ins. Ref. A665

Oriental Antiques 2. small buddha back

Bronze & Gilt Buddha

Bronze Buddha seated crossed-legged on a lotus flower. The front of robe is depicted in gold colour. Detailed pattern through out(click on image for detail) . 4 character mark on base which is hollow. Very good condition. Height 4.5ins. Base 3 x2ins approx. Ref.A749

Oriental Antiques 2. shrine2

Chinese Cup with Shrine

Delightful, small ceramic cup in shades of beige. On the side is a shrine carved into the cup as if deep in the rock surrounded by trees. Inside is a small Buddha(click on image for detail). The base has a stamped mark. Excellent condition. Height 3ins. Diameter 3ins. Ref.A759

Oriental Antiques 2. carved brush pot2

Chinese Carved Brush Pot

Lovely example of a carved brush pot with a typical Chinese scene of figures playing instruments under the prunus trees surrounded by mountains(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Height 6ins. 4x3ins at base. Ref. A658

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