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Oriental Antiques 2 23rd October 2017
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Oriental Antiques 1
Oriental Antiques 2
Miscellaneous Items
Tribal Artefacts
Decorative Items
ORIENTAL ANTIQUES SECTION including brush pots, cloisonne, seals, b/w ceramics, snuff bottles.
Items marked *** indicate new stock.

***Japanese Yatate Writing Set

Fine example of a calligraphy brush set. In solid brass, it looks like a pipe. Lifting the hinged lid shows the ink well and the brush inside the stem (click on image for detail). The piece has a raised decoration around the cup and the stem. Excellent condition with good patina. Length 6ins. Ref. A573

Oriental Antiques 2. calligraphy

Chinese Ceramic Snuff Bottle

Predominately painted in blue & white with hints of red and yellow. It has figures in a garden scene on a white background. The base has a mark in the shape of a leaf(click on image for detail). 3.5" high. Excellent condition. Ref. A294

Oriental Antiques 2. bw snuff canada

Blue Stone Snuff Bottle

Old snuff bottle with floral design on both sides. The cream coloured top has a spoon attached to a piece of cork(click on image for detail). Good condition, no chips or cracks. 2.5" high. Ref. A322

Oriental Antiques 2. blue snuff 2arms 2

Glass Inside Painted Snuff Bottle

Inside-painted bottle with typical country scene with a house beside a river amongst the trees. There are figures on the bridge and working outside the building. Fine colours and detail. A clear signature can be seen on the top near the brown stopper(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Height 4ins.Circumference 8ins. Ref.A277

Oriental Antiques 2. lgeinsidepaintsnuff

Buddha-Shaped Snuff Bottle

Snuff bottle in the shape of a Buddha, possibly the Immortal Shou Lao. He is holding a staff and a peach(click on image for detail). The stopper has a red top and the spoon is attached. Horn. height 3ins. Excellent condition. Ref.A276

Oriental Antiques 2. horn snuff

Chinese Ceramic Snuff Bottle

Delightful, small snuff bottle with a butterfly image on both sides. Three character marks on base in red. The stopper is stone, unfortunately without a spoon(click on image for detail). Good condition. 2x1.5ins. Ref. A402
Oriental Antiques 2. butterfly snuff

Chinese Figure

Interesting piece. On the base of this ornament are hand written descriptions(click on image for detail).'POET & GOOD DRINKER, LI TAC PAK from SAK WAN, KUANGTUNG' and also 'from MR FU AUACHEN, MACAU' Maybe he is a famous poet but I am unable to find any information. Excellent condition. Length 10ins. height 4.5ins. Ref.A262

Oriental Antiques 2. li tak pac

Gurkha Knife

Fine example of a ceremonial Gurkha knife and sheath. The blade has a pattern etched on one side and the black handle has a pattern of dots(click on image for detail). The sheath is black leather. Good condition. Overall length 14ins. Ref. A583

Oriental Antiques 2. gurkha sheathed

Japanese Tea Bowl

Delightful tea bowl in fine bone china, in the centre of which is hand painted portrait of a Japanese lady. The backing is of finely woven basket weave.(click on image for detail). Good condition. 2.5" diameter. Ref. A502

Oriental Antiques 2. face tea bowl

Chinese Ceramic Snuff Bottle

Delightful Chinese ceramic snuff bottle depicting two seated ladies. The bottle has a gold coloured background with a pink and green design. The stopper is flat, round and has a spoon attached(click on image for detail). The base has a three character mark painted in red. Good condition. 2.5ins high. Ref. A403

Oriental Antiques 2. round lady snuff

Pair Japanese Costume Buttons

Two costume buttons or studs . Two comical faces in enamel are on a black background(click on image for detail). The underside is white metal, possibly silver but there are no marks. Good condition. 1" diameter. Japanese. Ref.A128

Oriental Antiques 2. sats buttons front

Metal Pin Tray

This a delicate little flower-shaped tray of pressed metal. It has a stylised tiger in the centre(click on image for detail). Diameter just under 5ins. Chinese. Ref.A48

Oriental Antiques 2. silver pin tray

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