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Miscellaneous Items 22nd April 2018
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Miscellaneous Items
Tribal Artefacts
Decorative Items
MISCELLANEOUS SECTION including Silver Plate, Harley Davidson Memorabilia, Metal Items, Model Cars etc. Canadian, American and French Pieces.
Items marked *** indicate new stock.

Miscellaneous Items. torpedo level

Torpedo Level

Millers Falls Co. Tornado Level, U.S.A. Model No 590. In very good condition. Bakerlite body. The box is well used and therefore some damage has occurred. (click on image for detail). Ref. A587

Miscellaneous Items. hintenberg plaque

President Hintenburg Plaque

Interesting piece of WW1 history. The plaque shows an image of the war hero Hintenburg and on the back there are two labels with clear descriptions of his war efforts(click on image for detail). The plaque has been damaged. 9x6ins. Ref. A588

Miscellaneous Items. cigar cutter 2

***Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutter with a mother of pearl panel on each side(click on image for detail).
Excellent condition. 2ins long. Ref.A694

Miscellaneous Items. laqu begging bowl

Handpainted Begging Bowl

Delightful piece, well used. Hand painted in gold with coloured leaves on brass(click on image for detail). Possibly Afganistan. Length 6ins including handles. Ref.A241

Miscellaneous Items. lourdefront2

Lourdes Musical Souvenir

A musical box souvenir from Lourdes, France. The piece is white metal embossed with sprays of flowers and stands on a bakerlite platform(click on image for detail). Underneath is the winding key and the tune is Ave Maria. A paper label with ' A.B. Lourdes' is on the base. 1930's Good condition. Base 4 x 3ins. approx. Height 6ins. Ref. A505

Miscellaneous Items. scrimshaw


Good example of a scrimshaw piece. The designs etched on the whale's tooth is that of the ship London Salem and U.S.S. W Ohio.(click on image for detail). Length 6ins. Ref. A569

Miscellaneous Items. arab pic

Watercolour of an Arab Gentleman

Simple, effective watercolour portrait in black of an Arab gentleman with a clear signature by A. Baitem(click on image for detail). On the back is the name and address of the framer:- Anthony Saward, 23 The Broadway, Maidstone. 28 Apr 1980. Measurement 7x10ins. Ref.A243

Miscellaneous Items. cheese board

Novelty Cheese Board

Novelty cheese board with adverts of cheeses eg Danish Blue, Gouda and Edam. The cheese wire has a mouse-shaped wooden peg(click on image for detail). On the back are the words "Made in Holland" painted in gold. Good condition. Length 10ins Diameter 6.5ins. Ref. A231

Miscellaneous Items. cartridge case front

***Leather Cartridge Case

Leather cartridge case with place for 10 cartridges. There is a clip on each end of the back for attachment to belt(click on image for detail)Good condition. 11" long 3" wide. Ref. A685 NOW SOLD

Miscellaneous Items. desert pic

Watercolour of a Desert Scene

Plain and simple watercolour in brown by A.Baitem(click on image for detail). It depicts a desert scene of some figures in a tent and two goats. On the back is the name and address of the framer:- Anthony Seward, 23 The Broadway, Maidstone. 28 Apr 1980. Measures 9.5x6ins. Ref.A244

Miscellaneous Items. lapis croc

Lapis Lazuli Crocodile

This is a fine model of a crocodile laying on a rock. Carved out of a piece of vibrant blue lapis lazuli(click on image for detail). In excellent condition. 4 x 2.5ins. Ref. A111

Miscellaneous Items. church box

Society for the Propergation of the Gospel Collecting Box

Wooden rectangular money box with a label saying 'SOCIETY FOR THE PROPERGATION OF THE GOSPEL' dated A.D. 1701. Founded by Royal Charter in June 1701 by Bishop of London Henry Compton. He was concerned about religious activity in North America and sent Thomas Bray to Maryland in 1696. A panel has been cut out of the base to remove the contents (click on image for detail). 6 x 3 x 2ins. Ref. A384. Victorian.

Miscellaneous Items. bronze lady 1

Bronze Female Figure

Delightful piece. A young lady dressed in a full length dress with a bustle at the back and a brimmed hat on her head. She is carrying a basket on her arm(click on image for detail). Good condition. Ref. A649

Miscellaneous Items. 2 buckles

Two Metal Belt Buckles

Left hand buckle is a heavy metal butterfly with good detail(click on image for detail). Measures 2x3ins. Good condition. Ref. A449

Right hand buckle is in gold coloured metal, depicts a mallard duck in flight on a plain background. The back is plain black(click on image for detail). Good condition. Measures 4x3ins. approx. Ref. A413

Miscellaneous Items. morris badge front

***Pair Morris Car Badges

Bonnet and Boot Morris car badges.(click on image for detail). Good condition.

Miscellaneous Items. bronze nude

Bronze Nude Figure

Bronze nude female figure sitting, knees bent with head down(click on image for detail) She sits on a black base. Overall height 5ins. Base 5 x 5.5ins. Excellent condition. Ref. A636

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