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Tribal Artefacts 23rd October 2017
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Tribal Artefacts
Decorative Items
ABORIGINE from Australia. BEDOUIN from the Middle East - Masks, Figures, Ceremonial Items & Jewellery.
Items marked *** indicate new stock.

Pre Columbian Chimu Monkey Pot

Black pre-Columbian pot depicting two monkeys on the neck , one facing one way and the other facing the other way. The body of the pot has a face in a star like pattern on each side(click on image for detail). Some damage. Collector's label and date says 'brought from Peru in 1935'. Height 9.5ins, width at widest part 9ins. Ref. A495

Tribal Artefacts. columbian man

Pre- Columbian Chimu Pot

Pre-Columbian black pot depicting, on both sides, a female figure with long hair. One side does have a piece missing(click on image for detail). Collector's label and date says 'brought from Peru in 1935' Height 9ins. Width at widest part 5ins. Ref. A496

Tribal Artefacts. chimu vase

Afo-Northern Nigerian Fertility Figure

A wood carving of a seated figure with three children clinging on to her. One at the front, one at the back and one holding on to her shoulders. Each figure has plaited straw around their necks (click on image for detail).
Printed label reads "Afo Northern Nigerian Fertility Figure see Plate 40 'AfricanArt' Paul Hamlyn"
Height 12ins. Base 7 x 7 ins. Good condition. Ref. A497

Tribal Artefacts. fertlity 3 kids

Hemba Ancestral Figure

Impressive wooden figure from Democratic Republic of Congo, part of the collection of Walter Steinberg.There is a piece of animal skin tightly bound around the waist together with a animal horn each side(click on image for detail). Some damage. Height 12ins.
Collector's label says "HEMBA D.R.C. Ancestor Figure 32cm. Steinberg col" Ref. A493

Tribal Artefacts. horn man

Chokwe 'Ngulu' Mask

Rare Chokwe Pig Mask called 'Ngulu' . It is put together with wood, fibre, coins, tacks and buttons and complete with stand(click on image for detail). Overall height 15ins. Angola. Ref. A494
From the Collection of Walter Steinberg.

Tribal Artefacts. pig face front

Songe Power Figure

Songe Power Figure from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Impressive wooden figure, square-jawed with his arms resting on his rather large stomach. Height 14ins. Ref. A523
Original piece from the Collection of Walter Steinberg.

Tribal Artefacts. songe front 3

Lulua Mother & Child Fertility Figure

Female fertility figure Lulua holding baby in her arms. Democratic Republic of Congo. A wooden figure depicted with a large head. Her neck is extended by rings and there are bracelets on the upper arms. Height 12ins. Ref. A524
Original piece from the Collection of Walter Steinberg.

Tribal Artefacts. lulua front3

Six Asanti Gold Weights

Six brass Asanti gold weights, all in different poses. Holding a bowl, playing a pipe, carrying things on their head etc. (click on image for detail). Mostly tarnished but all in good condition. Two have been scratched on base, testing for gold, which they are not. All are 2ins tall approx. Gold Coast, Ghana. Ref. A554

Tribal Artefacts. gold weights

Bedouin Tent Peg

Bedouin Tent Peg mounted on stand. Wooden covered with an intricate design. Morocco. Mid 19th century. Height 28ins. Width 4ins. Ref. A526

Tribal Artefacts. bedouin tent peg full

East African Wooden Elephant Man

An East African carving in the shape of elephant man, quite a spectacular, ugly piece. Height 16ins. Ref. A527

Tribal Artefacts. elephant man front

Mende Mask

Mask from Sierra Leone, W. Africa. Mende tribe. Bhundu mask used to commemorate young women coming of age.
Wooden, double-faced aspect with four figures and bird. Height 18ins. Circumference 28ins. Diameter 9ins. Ref. A530
From the Walter Steinberg Collection.

Tribal Artefacts. mendemask

Chokwe Initiation Mask

Young man's ceremonial initiation mask painted with white lines and decorated with beads and cowrie shell. The ginger coloured back is made of course linen. The face mask itself is 8ins long. Good condition. W. Africa. Mid 20th Century. Ref. C779

Tribal Artefacts. chowkwe mask

Benin Bronze Pot

Benin bronze pot with two handles with a figure at the top of each, also some decoration(click on image for detail). Good condition. 5ins high, 4.5in diameter. Ref. A492

Tribal Artefacts. bronze pot front

African Tribal Figure

A seated, naked, male figure. Good condition apart from one ear missing. Wooden African carving on a wooden base 3ins square. Height 12ins. Ref. A531

Tribal Artefacts. man1earfront

Tribal Male Carved Figure

Male figure, finely carved in light colour wood. On the front of the base is an inscription
"With kindest regards from Mr & Mrs E. O. Madubike to Mr & Mrs H. Maclean.
Good condition. Height 11.5ins. Base 2 x 4ins. Ref. A529

Tribal Artefacts. pale man inscription

Tuareg Currency Bracelet

The Tuareg Tribe used jewellery as currency. It would be exchanged for food, cattle, goods etc. This bracelet is quite heavy grey metal with some decoration in gold. Possibly 14ct. but not tested. (click on image for detail). West African. Weight 90grms. Widest part approx. 3ins. Ref. A548

Tribal Artefacts. tureg bracelet

***African Whip

Decorative African whip with a leather covered wooden handle. This has basket weave sections and a panel of animal fur (click on image for detail). The whip is plaited soft leather. Good condition. Handle 10ins, Ref.A608

Tribal Artefacts. whip

Skull Necklace

A necklace made up of bone beads carved into the shape of skulls (click on image for detail). Ref. A490

Tribal Artefacts. skull necklace

Songe Mask

Large wooden Songe mask from Democratic Republic of Congo. It stands at 2ft high. Widest part is 13ins. From the front to back 9ins. Good condition. Ref. A540
From the Collection of Walter Steinberg.

Tribal Artefacts. stripe songa mask

African Stabbing Spear

A hardwood stabbing spear carved in a simple, primitive style. Good condition. 22.5ins long. African Ref. A538

Tribal Artefacts. long wood knife2

Two Aborigine Decorated Clap Sticks

Two Aborigine Clap Sticks. The decoration is lots of small digs carved on them.(click on image for detail). Good condition. approx. 11ins. 19th century. Ref.A535

Tribal Artefacts. clapsticks

Chokwe Ceremonial Mask

Impressive mask from the Chokwe tribe also known as a Chikunga. Worn by the tribal chief during sacred ceremonies. The top of the head is covered in a woven material to which are attached numerous strands covered with bamboo pieces. The face measures 13.5ins long and 8ins wide. Good condition. D.R.C. Ref. A562

Tribal Artefacts. chowke maask candles

Yaure Tribal Mask

The Yaure Tribe are from the central area of the Ivory Coast between Baule and Guro. Therefore their culture is influenced by both these areas. This is a striking, simply carved piece with large lips and closed eyes. Good condition with some areas of wear on the face. 11 x 8 ins. Ref. A561

Tribal Artefacts. yaure mask

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