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Tribal Artefacts 17th December 2018
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Tribal Artefacts
Decorative Items
ABORIGINE from Australia. BEDOUIN from the Middle East - Masks, Figures, Ceremonial Items & Jewellery. INUIT, FIRST NATION pieces from B.C. CANADA.
Items marked *** indicate new stock.

Tribal Artefacts. beaded pot side

First Nation B.C. Beaded Gourd Vessel

First Nation British Columbia vessel formed from a gourd(click on image for detail). Fine beading in various colours around the outside. Very good condition.. Height 4.5ins. Circumference at widest part 11ins. Ref.A834

Tribal Artefacts. full feather

Carved Wood Feather

This feather is carved so delicately that it looks real. The back is plain wood but the front isdark brown with a white quill(click on image for detail). Length 12ins. width 2.5ins at widest part. Excellent condition. Ref. A823

Tribal Artefacts. inuit woman

***Mary Cumarlux Carving

Fine stone carving by the well known inuit carver Mary Cumarlux b. 1923. This one depicts a mother clasping her child in front of her.(click on image for detail). Good condition. 5.5ins high. British Columbia Canada. Ref. A773

Tribal Artefacts. raven spoon

***Salish Coast Tribe Carving

Wood carved raven's head spoon by Ken Nahanie (click on image for detail). He is a well known figure in first nation community in the Salish Coast Tribe, British Columbia. His initials 'K N' are clearly carved into the back of the spoon. Excellent condition. 6ins long. Ref. A828

Tribal Artefacts. tree elephant

***ElephantTree Carving

Elephant carved into a piece of a tree branch. A clever carving with it's head facing downwards(click on image for detail). Overall length 12ins. width at base 3in approx. African. Ref. A846

Tribal Artefacts. drum 1

***African Drum

African drum made from terracotta in a conical shape. The drum skin is stretched taut by criss-crossed strips of skin down to the bottom(click on image for detail). Diameter at top 7ins. Diameter at base 2ins. Good condition. Ref. A735

Tribal Artefacts. 3 legged stand

***Wood Carved Bowl & Stand

Intricately carved from one piece of wood, this African piece is formed into 3 figures with a bowl balanced at the top. Remove the bowl and the piece folds up(click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Height 10ins. Diameter of bowl 6ins. Ref. A875

Tribal Artefacts. bead pipe

***Beaded Pipe

Clay pipe with bead decoration around the pipe, the bowl is plain(click on image for detail).
The beads are yellow and green bands with a white loop. Bowl 2ins x 2ins. Length of pipe 9ins. Good condition. Ref. A876

Tribal Artefacts. bedouin tent peg full

Bedouin Tent Peg

Bedouin Tent Peg mounted on stand. Wooden covered with an intricate design. Morocco. Mid 19th century. Height 28ins. Width 4ins. Ref. A526

Tribal Artefacts. ping music

***Kalimba, Musical Instrument

A Kalimba is an African musical instrument played by plucking metal prongs with the thumbs. It has a wooden base(click on image for detail). Good condition. 11 x 4ins. Ref. A873

Tribal Artefacts. mendemask

Mende Mask

Mask from Sierra Leone, W. Africa. Mende tribe. Bhundu mask used to commemorate young women coming of age.
Wooden, double-faced aspect with four figures and bird. Height 18ins. Circumference 28ins. Diameter 9ins. Ref. A530
From the Walter Steinberg Collection.

Tribal Artefacts. gourd on

***Gourd Water Carrier

A gourd made into a vessel with lid and painted black spots on the outside(click on image for detail). It has a leather and beaded strap.It stands at 9ins and circumference at widest part measures 14ins. Good condition. African. Ref. A874

Tribal Artefacts. bronze pot front

Benin Bronze Pot

Benin bronze pot with two handles with a figure at the top of each, also some decoration(click on image for detail). Good condition. 5ins high, 4.5in diameter. Ref. A492

Tribal Artefacts. man1earfront

African Tribal Figure

A seated, naked, male figure. Good condition apart from one ear missing. Wooden African carving on a wooden base 3ins square. Height 12ins. Ref. A531

Tribal Artefacts. pale man inscription

Tribal Male Carved Figure

Male figure, finely carved in light colour wood. On the front of the base is an inscription
"With kindest regards from Mr & Mrs E. O. Madubike to Mr & Mrs H. Maclean.
Good condition. Height 11.5ins. Base 2 x 4ins. Ref. A529

Tribal Artefacts. whip

African Whip

Decorative African whip with a leather covered wooden handle. This has basket weave sections and a panel of animal fur (click on image for detail). The whip is plaited soft leather. Good condition. Handle 10ins, Ref.A608

Tribal Artefacts. skull necklace

Skull Necklace

A necklace made up of bone beads carved into the shape of skulls (click on image for detail). Ref. A490

Tribal Artefacts. stripe songa mask

Songe Mask

Large wooden Songe mask from Democratic Republic of Congo. It stands at 2ft high. Widest part is 13ins. From the front to back 9ins. Good condition. Ref. A540
From the Collection of Walter Steinberg.

Tribal Artefacts. long wood knife2

African Stabbing Spear

African hardwood stabbing spear with a curved blade(click on image for detail). Good condition. Ref. A538

Tribal Artefacts. clapsticks

Two Aborigine Decorated Clap Sticks

Two Aborigine Clap Sticks. The decoration is lots of small digs carved on them.(click on image for detail). Good condition. approx. 11ins. 19th century. Ref.A535

Tribal Artefacts. wedding hat close

Afghan Bridal Head Dress

Highly decorated piece,. A hand stitched circular cap of woven cloth. Metal coins hang around to edge almost over the eyes. On the top are various shaped metal pieces.(click on image for detail). Diameter 9ins. 2.5ins deep. Afghanistan. Ref. A553

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