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Decorative Items 16th August 2018
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DECORATIVE ITEMS including Ceramics, Glass, Pictures etc.
Items marked *** indicate new stock.

Decorative Items. faience vase

Faience Style Ornament

Attractive ceramic piece with a floral pattern in blue, yellow and green on a white background. (click on image for detail). It is some kind of vessel but not sure for what use. No marks on the piece but possibly French. Very good condition. Height 8ins. Diameter at widest part 7ins. Ref. A397

Decorative Items. pearl necklace

Cultured Seed Pearl Necklace

A delightful necklace of pearl and glass beads. The freshwater cultured pearls have been dyed in different shades. They are entwined in an intricate wire choker(click on image for detail). Overall length approx. 12ins, Ref.A604

Decorative Items. leather belt

Ladies Brown Leather Belt

Ladies leather belt with a circular metal feature that has a ceramic portrait of a lady(click on image for detail). The leather belt has a pretty floral design. Good condition. Total length of belt 34ins. Waist size 30ins. Depth 2.5ins. Ref. A657

Decorative Items. grouse front

The Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse is a well known whiskey. This advertising piece is of a grouse standing on a rock. By his feet are the words 'THE FAMOUS GROUSE' (click on image for detail).The base is wooden. Height 3.5ins. Diameter 2ins. Ref. A705

Decorative Items. pewter dish

Pewter Wall Plaque

Small pewter wall plaque with a ceramic centre piece with a pretty design of sweet peas and the words 'Lathyrus tuberosus'. The back is plain with a small impressed mark of a cockerel with 'etain' above and 'garanti' below. (click on image for detail). Excellent condition. Diameter 6.5 ins. Ref. A372

Decorative Items. brass bird

Brass Bird

Solid brass figure of a bird perched on a tree stump. (click on image for detail). Good condition. Height 5ins. Weight 1260kg. Ref. A391

Decorative Items. kent pin dish

James Kent Dishes

Two small square dishes decorated with pink sprays of roses on a cream background. The fluted edge is painted in gold. The both have a clear backstamp 'JAMES KENT LTD. LONDON and 2803' (click on image for detail). Both in excellent condition. 3x3ins. Ref. A371

Decorative Items. meerc cig holder

Meerschaum Cigarette Holder

Elegant cigarette holder probably 1920's/30's. Good detailed carving of flowers along the stem(click on image for detail). Length 4.25ins. Ref. A431

Decorative Items. prayer girl side

Atelier D'Art Prayer Girl

Delightful ceramic model of a kneeling girl, hands together, praying. Beside her are her shoes and a bundle of wood(click on image for detail).
There is a clear label on the base 'ATELIER D'ART. ARTISANAS des MONASTERES de BETHLEHEM'
Height 5.5ins. Base 3.5 square. Good condition. Ref. A697

Decorative Items. wedgwood box pink

Wedgwood Trinket Box

Square in shape, this box is white with an embossed design on the lid of some figures. Around the box are pink embossed groups of figures. The base has a clear Wedgwood back stamp as does the inside of the lid(click on image for detail. Excellent condition. 4ins square. Ref. A488

Decorative Items. feng shui

Feng Shui Compass

Chinese Feng Shui compass in a red leather- bound square box. The lid is decorated with a gold coloured dragon design. The box itself is lined inside with diagrams and instructions and at the left hand bottom corner of the compass is a spirit level(click on image for detail). 6.5 x 6.5ins. Excellent condition. Ref. A428

Decorative Items. golf bag brooch

Golf Bag & Clubs Brooch

Novelty brooch depicting a golf bag and clubs. Excellent detail. White metal. 2ins high1in wide. Ref. A602

Decorative Items. golf wallet 2

Golf Card Case

Novelty wallet depicting a golfing scene in gold colour. Ideal fo carrying cards whilst on the green. Black leather. 4x3ins approx. Excellent condition. Ref. A579

Decorative Items. eagle ring

Brass Eagle Towel Ring

Brass towel holder with a spread eagle at the top It has one screw hole between the eagle's legs.(click on image for detail). Eagle's diameter of ring 4ins. wing spread measures 7.5ins. Very good condition. Ref.A589

Decorative Items. victoria front

Queen Victoria Novelty

Novelty metal cup in the shape of the head of Queen Victoria. It has a bow at the side and her hair is tied back(click on image for detail), 2.5ins high. Excellent condition. Ref. A699

Decorative Items. pr geta shoes

Pr. Japanese Geta Shoes

Pair of girl's shoes. Japanese, known as getas. Wooden with two supports underneath.(click on image for detail). They have a fabric strap which goes between the toes. Lovely design of a Japanese young girl with a red ribbon in her hair. Good condition. Length 7.5 ins. Ref. A611

Decorative Items. polo box top

Metal Trinket Box

White metal, eight -sided box with a pattern around the sides. On the top is scene of three men on horse back playing polo. Hand painted on mother of pearl.(click on image for detail). Possibly Turkish. Diameter 2.6ins. 0.5ins deep. Ref. A695

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